Política de Privacidade

Esta declaração de protecção de dados é para informar sobre a processão de dados pessoais na loja online e outras presenças online, por exemplo o nosso perfil de Social Media, (a seguir conjunto designado por “presença online”).

Pessoa responsável:
Bettina Steffan
Furadouro CX 281P
8375-039 S. Bartolomeu de Messines

Dados processados:

- dados do inventário (nomes, endereços)
- dados de contacto (email, telefone)
- dados de conteúdo (textos, fotografias, videos)
- dados de utilização (páginas web, conteúdo, tempos de acesso)
- dados Meta, dados de communicação (informações sobre dispositivos, endereços IP)

Objectivo de processamento

- fornecimento da presença online, funções e conteúdos  da presença online
- responder aos pedidos de contaco, communicação com os utilizadores
- meios de segurança
- marketing, medição de alcance

Termos utilizados

Dados pessoais são dados sobre uma pessoa identificável. Identificável é uma pessoa física, que pode ser identificado (direitamento ou indireitamente) pelo um nome, dados de localização, identificação online (cookie) ou pelas características quais são a expressão da identidade física, genetica, mental, económico, cultural, ou social desta pessoa natural.

Processamento é um procedimento, com ou sem ajuda de processos automatizados, em conexão com dados pessoais.

Pessoa responsável é uma pessoa física, pessoa jurídica ou autoridade competente que, individualmente ou em conjunto com outrem, determina as finalidades e os meios de tratamento dos dados pessoais.

Purpose of data processing

  • Provision of the website, functions and content
  • Responds to enquiries and communication with users
  • Security procedures
  • Marketing / coverage measurements

The responsible person decides on his own or together with other about the purpose of personal data (e.g. names, contact data).

Cancellation of your consent to data processing

Only with your explicit consent some steps of data processing are possible. Your consent may be cancelled at any time. A simple email is sufficient for cancellation. The legality of the data processing until your cancellation is not affected.

Right of complaint at the competent supervisory authority

In case of a violation of data protection regulations you have the right to complain at the competent supervisory authority.

Right of data transmission

It is your right, that the data, which is processed automatically based on your consent or to fulfill a contract, is handed over to yourself or third party. If you request the transmission of the data to another responsible person, it is only done if technically possible.

Right of information, correction, blocking, deletion

You have the right of information about your saved personal data, origin of the data, the recipient and the purpose of data processing. If applicable, you have the right of correction, blocking or deletion of your data. If you need further information, you can always contact us.

SSL encryption

For security reasons and to protect the transmission of confidential content, which you send to us as website operator, the website uses SSL encryption. Data, which is send through this site, cannot be read by third party. You recognise an encrypted connection that the site name begins with "https://" and the symbol of a lock in the browser address line.

Server log files

Informations, which are transmitted automatically by your browser, are stored in log files by the hosting provider.
Informations are:

  • visited pages of the domain
  • date and time of server requests
  • browser type and browser version
  • operating system
  • referrer URL
  • hostname of the computer
  • IP address

Those data are not combined with other data sources.

Data Transmission at signing a contract for sale and shipping of goods

Personal data is only submitted to third party if necessary for fulfillment of the contract. Third parties can be payment processors or shipping companies. Any further transmission does not take place or only if you have agreed.

Registration on the website

You can register on the website to use particular functions. The transmitted data is only used for the respective service. Mandatory information asked during the registration process have to be complete. Otherwise we deny the registration. In case of important changes, e.g. for technical reasons, we will inform you by email. The email is sent to the address which was used at the registration.
The data procession is based on your agreement. A cancellation is possible at any time. We save your data as long as you are registered on the website. Your data will be deleted if you cancel the registration. The statutory storage period is not affected.

Contact form

Data submitted by the contact form is stored to process your enquiry or follow-up question. This data is not passed on without your agreement. The data procession is based on your agreement. A cancellation is possible at any time. An informal email is sufficient for cancellation.
We keep the submitted data until you request erasure, cancel your agreement or storage is not necessary anymore. Legal requirements, especially statutory storage periods, are not affected.

Storage time of articles and comments

Articles and comments, and with its linked data like IP addresses, are stored. The content remains on our website until its deleted completely or had to be removed by legal reasons.
Storage of articles and comments is based on your agreement. A cancellation is possible at any time. An informal email is sufficient for cancellation. The legality of already processed data is not affected.


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Some cookies are "session cookies". These cookies are deleted automatically at the end of the session, when you leave the website and close your browser. Other cookies remain on your device until you delete them. Those cookies help us to identify you when you re-visit our website. You can control, limit and deny the setting of cookies with a modern browser. Many web browser can be configurated to delete the cookies when closing the browser. Denying cookies may result in a reduced functionality of our website. The placement of cookies which are necessary for electronic communication, or to provide desired functions ("shopping basket" for example) is based on GDPR law. As operator of this website we have a legitimate interest of using cookies to provide our service.
If cookies are placed by third parties (e.g. for analytics), they will explained separately.


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