Fonte Penedo

Sun blessed herbs from the Algarve


Cistus Tea from wild collection

Rain, snow, cold weather - the right time for a nice cup of rock rose tea. Warms up your whole body and has a fresh herbal taste.

Rock Roses are typical mediterranean plants, the grow wild throughout the whole Algarve. Our Rock Rose Tea is from certified collections. In spring time, we collect the fresh leaves and flowers, dry them gently, clean and select them by hand. The leaves make a fresh, aromatic herbal tea.
Cistus Tea is traditionally used for the treatment of viral infections and common cold, it may help strengthen the immune system. The tea might be a bit strong, it blends well with some Lemon Verbena leaves or honey.


Calendual flowers

Pot Marigolds are one of the oldest medicinal plants. Its widely used in skin treatment products.

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Floral Waters

The "soft sisters" of the essential oils are versatile and easy to use.

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Oregano Oil

Oregano is a strong essential oil and acts like a natural antibiotics. It has antiparasitic and fungicid properties.

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Essential Oils from organic farming and wild collection